How To Use A Lovejoys Measuring Cup

Measure your dog's food every time! Many owners feed their dog based on sight pouring that into a bowl and a common issue usually results in overfeeding and weight gain.

An easy way to begin to change this is to start measuring out our pet’s food, either with a measuring cup or scale, to ensure each meal is providing just what they need!

Step 1 - Weigh out one portion of Lovejoys delicious and irresistible food.

Step 2 - Pour the crunchy kibble into the cup.

Step 3 - Mark the level of the food onto the cup with a permanent marker on the strip provided.

Step 4 - Use the cup each time you feed your pet a nutritious Lovejoys meal.

Different brands and types of food have different calorific values and the amount needed can vary vastly so always check the recommended daily amount on each food you try.  

The recommended feeding guide for Lovejoys can be found on the product packaging and our website. Although every pet is different and as such these feeding guides are not a fixed rule.For example you should also take into consideration breed, size, age and activity level among other things.

If you are in any doubt atall for your pets requirements, get in touch with your vet for any advice!