We Love Breeders Too

We know breeders want to feed their puppies a balanced and nutritious diet, containing all the right ingredients and vitamins to promote healthy growth and development. The Lovejoys Food for Life programme not only gives them a great start, but it ensures they get everything they need to continue growing with Lovejoys when they arrive in their new home.


Health and happiness at every stage of your dog's life

All Lovejoys food at a discounted price
FREE delivery on orders over £20
FREE Starter Packs for every puppy, when it goes to a new home:

  • 1kg pack of puppy food.
  • A Lovejoys 10% money off voucher
  • A Lovejoys linen bag
  • Feeding and puppy care guide
  • Pack of Moments treats.

Expecting a litter but not Kennel Club registered?

Contact our team via our contact form and we will see if we can help.

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To join the Lovejoys Food for Life programme we simply ask that you:

  • Are based in the UK or Ireland
  • Are kennel Club registered
  • Own one or two more breeding bitches with at least one litter per year
  • Order at least 50kg of food per year
  • Agree to give our puppy starter packs to all new owners and send us their details

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