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Do you want your dog to enjoy mealtimes as much as humans do?

Here at Lovejoys®, we make hypoallergenic dog food in a range of fantastic flavours. A family business based in Norfolk, we understand the joy of owning a dog and we know that a healthy dog means a happy owner!

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Our Products

There’s something for every dog at Lovejoys®! We stock balanced and nutritious wet and dry food, with plenty of flavours to choose from. Puppies, adult and senior dogs are all catered for, and we even have food especially made for larger breeds of dog.

What’s more, we have a new Hearty & Wholesome range, which comes in unique, delicious flavours such as chicken curry, cottage pie, and salmon risotto. This range allows your dogs to enjoy the traditional dinners that we love! Alternatively, our Pure & Simple range is completely grain-free, enriched with natural ingredients, this range will enhance your dog’s digestibility.

We know our customers expect high quality dog food but don’t want to pay the earth for it, which is why we sell everything at a fair and affordable price. Our high-quality products are all made right here in Great Britain. What’s more, all contain a high meat content to ensure both taste and nutrition.

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Our New Site

We’ve updated our site to give Lovejoys® customers an even better experience. If you’re thinking of switching to Lovejoys® you can now find feeding advice to help you make the change as gentle as possible for your dog. There’s a page for breeders, a community section, and you can also subscribe to our newsletter for regular news and updates.

Long-time customer? Don’t worry! You can still find your nearest stockist (or become a stockist yourself!), buy your dog’s favourite food, and get in touch with all your stories and questions. Whether you have a query about the best choice of food for your dog or you simply want to share a snap of your pooch, we’d love to hear from you.


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