Miniature Influencers - Dogs of Instagram

The rise of Instagram as one of the most popular social media sites has bred a new form of celebrity, the dog, and Lovejoys have taken a look at all the miniature influencers in our exclusive interactive content which you can view here.

Man’s best friend has become one of man’s biggest influencers with social petworking becoming an increasingly explored route in terms of marketing and promotion. It is becoming more and more evident that our canine companions are able to get Instagram's biggest celebrities hot under the collar and are starting to rival many of them in terms of their following.

Taking funny pictures and videos of your dog and uploading them might seem like a walk in the park to most, but for some of the most successful furry influencers out there, this kind of random spur of the moment post only makes up about a third of their content.

Take Jiffpom for example, the Pomeranian that has risen up to the head of the pack and is Instagram’s most followed pet. Only 33.4% of Jiffpom’s posts actually represent organic content, the other 66.6% are made up of  promotional and collaborative posts endorsing brands and his fellow Instagrammers. Having now appeared in adverts for Banana Republic and a music video for Katy Perry, it’s clear that dogs such as Jiffpom can legitimately vie with human influencers for likes and followers.

With so many adoring followers across social media, it is easy to see why so many brands are jumping on this bandwagon. The power of puppy eyes to make people feel warm inside and lower their resistance to influence is becoming an invaluable tool for marketers, and the possibilities for creating heartwarming content are almost endless.


Perhaps the most obvious trend that can be seen from the data is the fact that smaller breeds make for better influencers, with the top seven most popular breeds all coming in relatively miniature form. If you’re thinking of buying or adopting a future star anytime soon then think small, toy and small dog breeds boast 78% of dog followers on instagram.

Unless, of course ,you’re willing to buy a Husky, whose striking appearances and playful demeanor give them a rank of 8th place - the highest of the large breeds of dog. Arguably the most popular Husky on Instagram is Loki the Wolfdog, with 1.5 million followers.


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