Is your dog naughty or just bored?

Have you come home to a pile ripped up papers, broken picture frames or some knocked over flowers? If the answer is yes, well don’t worry your dog might just be bored. They are inquisitive, smart and energetic, dogs need to be walked to get rid of any excess energy they might have, fed accordingly to the level of activity they are involved in, and stimulated mentally to keep busy which helps the time pass.

Toys can help prevent or resolve problems like digging, chewing on furniture or scavenging through places they shouldn’t be. They can also work as bowl replacements, cooling devices or even play mates.

Dog balances feeding toy on nose

Make feeding fun


Owners have used toys such as a Kong or Nobby Snackball to replace a dog’s food bowl. Some animals would actually prefer to work for food rather than eat straight from a bowl, this is what’s known as Contrafreeloading. The idea is when offered a choice between provided food or food that requires effort to obtain, the animal prefers food that requires work (after all it is a toy).

Kong toys and similar can also encourage dogs who eat too fast to slow down when consuming food. It allows kibble to be eaten in a controlled manner to avoid choking or bloat and gives the dog a reward through its effort.

For more reasons and tips on feeding without a bowl read more at  -

Dog chews cooling toy on hot day

Keep cool during the heat


Dog’s don’t always understand when they are too hot and need to cool down. We can help by bathing them in cool water, giving them plenty to drink or even providing them with cooling toys to play with. Cooling toys store water inside a rubber body, that can be frozen to provide dogs with a cold refreshing chew, that when defrosts provides cool water from the holes. They are a fun way to help cool down pets and great for teething pups.

Puppy plays with soft plushie toy

Plushies can be play mates and cuddly toys


Plushie toys are not just for gnawing on, they can provide a source of entertainment by being swung around, thrown & retrieved, and even just cuddled up to during doggy snooze time. Some breeds of dog have a tendency to destroy them within 2 minutes, where as others can very much bond with the toy and have it for years. Is your companion in need of a cuddly friend? Try a new plushie toy.


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