Eight Dogs in Fancy Dress for Dress Up Your Pet Day

There is nothing better than seeing a well dressed pooch. And with Dress Up Your Pet Day coming up on the 14th of January, we thought we’d select eight of the best dressed dogs to help spark your inner stylist.

(While our beloved pets may oppose our decision to dress them in dog clothes on this treasured day, we can always appease their disdain with dog treats, plus they receive at least 300% more attention for looking so fabulous...)



dog photography
Source: Marcom66

When you're trying to act cool, but have camera attachment issues.



dog in a suit
Source: Yolanda

Kevin is an aspiring actor. In his spare time you’ll find him reading lines, combing his hair, and wandering the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He plans on auditioning for Men In Black 4.



wizard of oz dog
Source: Mike McCune

“We were promised treats if we keep still in dog fancy dress for a minute. It has now been three. We are certainly not in Kansas anymore.”



Halloween dog
Source: Don Hankins

Positively terrier-fying!



dog in costume
Source: Petful

Boris takes pride in his appearance. He wants to give off a “cool” vibe, while also communicating “don’t touch me, I’ve had a hard life entertaining four needy kids for twelve years.”



darth vader dog
Source: Kirsten

“Luke… I am your dog.”



harry potter dog
Source: Petful

“Well hello there, dear muggle. How lovely of you to join us. Today we are going to learn all about how I defeated Lord Dogemort!”



dog witch costume
Source: Petful

No explanation needed, or found, for this one.


Dress Up Your Pet Day 2017 is on January 14 worldwide.


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