Dunerunners Canicross Event Co-sponsored by Lovejoys®

Lovejoys® co-sponsored the successful Canicross ‘Fido’s Forest Frenzy’ event on the 21st of January in Thetford. Organised by Dunerunner, creators of unique and exciting running events, the race featured a good turn out of humans and their four-legged friends.

In collaboration with KiSi Canine of North Walsham, Lovejoys® donated a variety of delicious treats and prizes for the winners. According to various eyewitness reports on the day, the treats were an added motivation for the dogs participating, helping to drag their owners over the finishing line.

Canicross is one of the fastest growing dog sports in the UK and is an excellent keep-fit method for you and your dog. The sport consists of running off-road with the human participant wearing a two metre bungee line attached from the waist to a padded dog harness.

For those wagging their tails for more on the event, check out the photos below and make sure to check out our friends at Dunerunner for future Canicross events.


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