Ever thought about getting a dog who can also double as a training partner? Below you’ll find the best dogs to run with, and how many calories they’ll help the average person (weighing 77kg/170lbs) burn in a single run.

Important Things to Consider
When Running with Your Dog

Dogs make the best running buddies, but there are a few things you have to remember before you take yours out, especially for a long run.

Be sure to take a break every mile or so to give your dog some water and a little breather as they generally dehydrate quicker than us humans.


It’s common sense really, but make sure you build up your dog’s endurance over a number of months. The above figures are calculated on healthy adult dogs, so if your dog hasn’t run with you before, you shouldn’t expect them to just complete a five mile run straight away!


It’s recommended that you run off-road with your dogs, as the hard concrete will be tough on their paws and joints in their legs.


Avoid running in hot temperatures with your dog, unless, like some of the breeds mentioned in the graph, they’ve been bred to deal with the heat.

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